Booking Terms and Conditions


Upon the completion of your booking you will be issued a Proforma Invoice equal to 50% of the total price of your stay, payable within 7 days of the issue date. Once it is paid, you will receive a Payment Receipt and a Booking Confirmation, which means your booking has now become definite. Should this not be the case, the booking shall be automatically cancelled. An inherent part of a definite booking is the Short-Term Rental Agreement, which you will be required to sign on your arrival.

We do not accept payment cards. All listed prices include VAT.

Payment in CZK:

–    Club trading s.r.o.

–    Account number: 196256146/0300

–    IBAN: CZ0903000000000196256146

–    Swif code: CEKOCZPP

Payment in EUR:

–    Club trading s.r.o.

–    Account number: 218019425/0300

–    IBAN: CZ1603000000000218019425

–    Swif code: CEKOCZPP

You can also book your stay with us at here: U Justina chaloupka, U Justina na brehu or U Justina na potucku.


The cancellation fee serves as compensation for the loss incurred by the host. In case of full cancellation of the ordered services, the guests will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the amount of the deposit they paid.

If the cancellation is due to serious reasons, it may be possible to change the dates of the stay following mutual agreement, otherwise the dates cannot be changed.


Please read the House Rules and the Short-Term Rental Agreement before you make your booking. It may help prevent unnecessary confusion.

U Justina na brehuHouse Rules

U Justina chaloupka – House Rules

U Justina na potucku – House Rules

U JustinaShort-Term Rental Agreement

Please make your booking on this page – contact us.